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December 28, 2016

Rustic Roots Naturals is finally here! All Natural Handmade soaps now available to you in our online store!

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We are on a mission to create best, healthiest soaps possible !! Well.. you probably heard similar stories from different "handmade soap companies", but not all handmade soaps are created equal... Let me tell you why!


Synthetic Colorants

synthetic colorants

Usually, handmade soaps include synthetic colorants to color their soap because it's cheap and requires less time to color product!  The toxins that synthetic colors leave on your skin greatly increase your risk of sensitivity and irritation. They can also block your pores, which leads to a greater risk of acne. Using these products on your skin allows the chemicals to be absorbed into your body, where they can cause even greater damage. Research has found a link between certain food-related synthetic colors and cancer in animals. Other dyes are associated with thyroid tumors, allergic reactions, hyperactivity, and kidney tumors. Just read the ingredients list, it's all there !!


Low-Grade Oils

Another thing would be low-grade oil that they use trying to save money.. just like in every other business people will use words "natural" or "handmade" to sell you their products, but its really packed with colorants, preservatives, and low-grade oils. All of this bad stuff gets absorbed thru the biggest human organ which is our skin!



Preservatives are everywhere, in our foods, cosmetics, they help kill bad (and good) bacterias and stop microbial growth to preserve the product and extend its shelf life.

Big food and cosmetic manufacturers are using them to increase their profits and reduce shrinkage at stores, they don't really think about a consumer that's why it's very important to read food ingredients that we put into our body or cosmetics ingredients we put on our skin. Synthetic versions of preservatives can cause adverse long term health effects. Parabens and formaldehyde-releasing ingredients are commonly used in conventional products, but studies have shown the harmful effects of exposure to these ingredients.

Here at Rustic Roots we only use Rosemary Leaf extract - Antimicrobial agent and a powerful antioxidant, our natural way to help preserve products and keep skin healthy. Yes, it's not as effective as synthetic (our soaps have expiration dates) but skin health it's our priority!


Glycerin removed from soap


Glycerin is a naturally occurring component of fats and oils that draws water to the skin, effectively balancing its moisture levels. Its presence in the skin has been shown to prevent signs of aging by helping skin cells mature properly. Factory produced soaps are stripped off glycerin, there are many reasons why they do that.. their soaps are stripped of glycerin which makes them over drying, the same manufacturer will try to sell you their creams and lotions to make skin feel soft again, another reason is that glycerin makes their machines jam and slows down production. All of our soaps are handmade and contain natural occurring glycerine that will change the way you think about soaps !!



 natural handmade soap

We had problems finding soap companies that you can trust! In their products, they mostly use harmful ingredients which get absorbed thru our skin. That's why we have decided to step in and make a difference.  At Rustic Roots Naturals, we are passionate about what we do and want to share it with others. We will offer healthiest products possible at an affordable price continuing our passion/journey while giving back to the community.

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