Ready to kickoff !!

Ready to kickoff !!

December 28, 2016

Rustic Roots Naturals is finally here! All Natural Handmade soaps now available to you in our online store !

We are on a mission to create best, healthiest soaps possible !! Well.. you probable heard similar stories from different "handmade soap companies", but not all handmade soaps are created equal.. Let me tell you why!


Usually, handmade soaps include fragrances ( laboratory created synthetic scents) because they are much cheaper and don't fade away as fast as essential oils do. Some of the "natural" soap companies will try to trick you using half essential and half synthetic fragrances. They are also using synthetic colorants to color their soap because its again... cheap and require less time to color product!  Just read the ingredients list, its all there !!

Another thing would be a low grade oils that they use trying to save money.. just like in every other business people will use words "natural" or "handmade" to sell you their products, but its really packed with colorants, fragrances, preservatives and low grade oils. All this bad stuff gets absorbed thru biggest human organ which is skin !


We had problems finding soap companies that you can trust! In their products they mostly use harmful ingredients which gets absorbed thru our skin. That's why we have decided to step in and make a difference.  At Rustic Roots Naturals we are passionate about what we do and want to share it with others. We will offer healthiest products possible at affordable price continuing our passion/journey while giving back to community.


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